Thursday, August 17, 2006

Letter to the editor of The StarPhoenix in response to J.F. Sargeant regarding Remai Ventures Inc. and the Legion Building - August 6, 2006

Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 14:44:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: "J. Kuchta"
Subject: letter to the editor submission -- thank you!
To: "Star Phoenix"

Dear Editor:

In his letter Legion treated well by mayor, developer (SP Aug. 5) J.F. Sargeant wrote, “During all of the discussions, Remai Ventures Inc. were very sensitive to the concerns and emotional issues involved with the sale of the building.” So sensitive and caring is Remai that destruction of the historic hall will be among the first orders of business.

It is interesting to note that a John Sargeant, in a December 1, 2003 letter to city council as chair of the Legion’s building review committee wrote: “We would like the Mayor and Council to know we do not plan on moving from our present location or selling the property. At present, we have a viable branch with over 300 members. The building is significant not only to our membership but also as a historical Saskatchewan building. It was built by First World War I Vets in 1929, a memorial to their fallen comrades. Since that time, it has housed an active Legion membership through W.W. II and the Korean conflict. Our current membership consists of Vets, active service members, as well as new members. It is one of the few existing original Legion buildings in Saskatchewan still occupied by a Legion branch. Although we are not interested in the sale or demolition of our building, we would like to work closely with our future neighbors.”

What a difference a couple of years and a reported $1-million from Remai makes. I understand the developer’s latest luxury spa hotel plans may now include the condos that Mayor Don Atchison has long desired. If so, will Remai get tax breaks for those too?

Saskatoon will be poorer for the loss of the Legion Building. Council members supporting its demise do not deserve our vote in the next civic election.

Joe Kuchta
Saskatoon, SK


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