Saturday, August 05, 2006

Correspondence to the StarPhoenix and City Council regarding the downtown Legion Building - August 5, 2006

[Note: The author of the letter below, J.F. Sargeant, appears to be the same gentleman who in December 2003 sent a letter to city council – on behalf of the Legion – advising that the Branch had no plans of moving or selling the property and were not interested in the demolition of their building. "The building is significant not only to our membership but also as a historical Saskatchewan building", he wrote.

It is interesting what a difference a couple of years and a reported $1-million offer from developer Remai Ventures Inc. makes.]

Legion treated well by mayor, developer

The StarPhoenix

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I was disappointed to read Bill Nixon's letter Voters should remember how veterans treated (SP, June 12), in which he wanted City Hall to reconsider allowing Remai Ventures Inc. to demolish the Legion Hall on 19th Street.

He alleges Mayor Don Atchison turned his back on the veterans and referred to Remai Ventures Inc. as "uncaring developers -- so called good citizens"!

The building review committee for Branch 63, Royal Canadian Legion had a meeting with the mayor, the project manager for the south downtown development and one councillor during which the mayor and city representatives made their proposal and the committee stated the legions position. The mayor was very supportive of the legion and at no time did he turn his back on the veterans.

The discussions between Remai Ventures Inc. and the branch regarding our legion hall were conducted in a very professional and honest manner.

During all of the discussions, Remai Ventures Inc. were very sensitive to the concerns and emotional issues involved with the sale of the building. It's interesting to note that Nixon is not a member of Branch 63 and should not be using the legion as his excuse for suggesting the electorate vote against the mayor and council at the next election.

The mayor and the majority of council have supported our branch and deserve our respect and vote.

J.F. Sargeant

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December 1, 2003

City of Saskatoon
P.O. Box 7030
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 8E3

Dear Mayor and City Council Members:

To date there has been much speculation regarding the development of the South Downtown. The Legion has not at any time been approached regarding this development. Because of this, we assume the Legion building is not part of the downtown plans. We thought, however, you might wish to know our intentions regarding our future. It is felt that knowing our plans may aid you in your decision making regarding the South Downtown development.

We would like the Mayor and Council to know we do not plan on moving from our present location or selling the property. At present, we have a viable branch with over 300 members. The building is significant not only to our membership but also as a historical Saskatchewan building. It was built by First World War I Vets in 1929, a memorial to their fallen comrades. Since that time, it has housed an active Legion membership through W.W. II and the Korean conflict. Our current membership consists of Vets, active service members, as well as new members. It is one of the few existing original Legion buildings in Saskatchewan still occupied by a Legion branch.

Although we are not interested in the sale or demolition of our building, we would like to work closely with our future neighbors. Our door is open to ideas on how we can co-operate in the future development of the South Downtown area.

Council members wishing for more information may contact me at 244-7575 and I will be happy to answer any inquiries.


John Sargeant
Building Review Committee
Branch #63, Royal Canadian Legion



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