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LEAD Saskatoon Futures Inc. - as of July 10, 2006

[Note: The following corporate registry information is available to the public from the Corporations Branch of Saskatchewan Justice.]

Saskatchewan Justice
Corporations Branch
Corporate Registry Profile Report

Entity No.: 101047977
Entity Name: LEAD Saskatoon Futures Inc.

As of: 10-Jul-2006
Status as of Profile date: Active

Entity Type: Non-Profit Corporation
Entity Sub-Type: Saskatchewan Membership Corporation

Incorporation Date: 21-Aug-2003
Home Jurisdiction: Saskatchewan
Annual Return/Renewal Date: 30-Sep-2006
Fiscal Year End Date: 30-Sep-2006
Financial Statement Due Date: 31-Jan-2006

Nature of Business: Political Lobbying

Registered Office: 374 3rd Avenue South, Suite 200, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1M5

Allowable Number of Directors: Min: 1 Max: 10

Director/Officer/Shareholder Information:

Joe C. Bloski - Director: Yes
David Criddle - Director: Yes
Gary Emde - Director: Yes
Coni Evans - Director: Yes
Don Funk - Director: No (ceased 31-Dec-2004)
Russel Marcoux - Director: Yes
Todd Peterson - Director: Yes
Don Ravis - Director: Yes


[Note: Not long after its incorporation LEAD Saskatoon Futures Inc. unveiled its civic election plans at a press conference on Thursday, September 18, 2003 at the Travelodge in Saskatoon. According to The StarPhoenix approximately 50 people attended – some by invitation. At the time LEAD had “about 40 unofficial supporters who have attended meetings during the past year,” and were “launching a fund-raising campaign aimed at generating between $10,000 and $20,000.” The money would be used to fund campaign advertising and a Web site for the organization.

The emergence of the group with its pro-business message generated significant coverage in the right leaning StarPhoenix. Columnists reporting on LEAD in September 2003 included Randy Burton and John Gormley, a former Conservative MP in the Mulroney government and current in-house counsel at RAWLCO Radio Ltd.

It is interesting to note that LEAD director Russel Marcoux is Chief Executive Officer of the Yanke Group of Companies, an international transportation company. He is also the current Chair of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Coni Evans, a LEAD director, is with the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation. She is the current President of the Saskatoon and District Chamber of Commerce.

Don Ravis, a LEAD director, was a former Conservative MP in the Mulroney government as well; in fact it was during the same time as John Gormley’s tenure – the mid-1980s.

Although the letter below is addressed to “all Saskatoon taxpayers” it seems it was not made widely available to the public when it began circulating prior to the 2003 civic election. It appears LEAD intended it only for select individuals as a means of soliciting donations for its cause. The names of contributors were not disclosed.]


Over the past number of years, it has become apparent that our fair city has failed in keeping pace with its rival in the south, the City of Regina! There is a growing concern amongst the citizens of our community that our city has become stagnant and is failing badly on its economic course and its ability to make decisions on major issues and opportunities. There is an even greater concern that there does not appear to be a plan or vision for the future to ensure that we can continue to grow, prosper and enjoy the quality of life to which we have become accustomed.

Recently, a group of concerned citizens formed an organization to try and bring about some changes that, hopefully, will place Saskatoon back on track. LEAD SASKATOON FUTURES INC. is a non-profit corporation committed to encouraging and fostering leadership within and among all members of our community. Its mandate is to encourage people with leadership and visionary abilities to get actively involved in the politics of Saskatoon and, at the same time, provide encouragement to the people of Saskatoon to get out and vote for individuals with the ability to successfully lead us into the future.

To cite just a few examples as to where and how our current civic leadership is managing our issues and opportunities, consider how these examples have been mismanaged:

1. World University Games 2007
2. South Downtown Development
3. Casino
4. Police Department
5. Dialogue with Aboriginal Community
6. C.P. Wang Dismissal
7. Gathercole Site Proposals
8. Special Needs Transit Services

Leadership means taking the initiative to participate and contribute to shared goals in the interest of community and economic development. Everyone can provide leadership in action, by example and by participating as an informed voter in our democratic process. Our great City of Saskatoon needs this type of leadership to continue to move forward into the future and to reclaim its position as the leading centre of development in Saskatchewan.

In order to effectively promote the aims and objectives of LEAD SASKATOON prior to the next civic election, we are respectfully soliciting your financial support. Your contribution will assist us in preparing and delivering a strong slate of common-sense, business-minded candidates who possess some of those qualities we so desperately need. We will also focus on evoking an emotional response from the taxpayers that will help them appreciate the importance and relevance of their vote. Your concern and financial support will greatly determine the success of our goal!


Joe C. Bloski (Taxpayer)

Note: Please make all cheques payable to LEAD SASKATOON FUTURES INC. and forward to:

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


[Note: The following information is from the one annual financial statement dated April 20, 2005, that LEAD Saskatoon has filed with the provincial government. The next statement appears to have been due January 31, 2006, but as of July 10, 2006, it had not yet been submitted.]

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
As at: September 30, 2004

Donations: $43,475.00
Interest: $6.56
Total receipts: $43,481.56

Radio: $18,000.00
Brochures: $1,778.77
Print advertising: $7,181.26
Professional fees (graphic design and legal): $751.72
Web Site: $1,696.81
Telephone: $141.58
Poll: $800.00
Printing: $146.28
GST paid: $578.81
Total expenditures: $31,075.23

Excess of receipts over expenditures: $12,406.33

Excess of receipts over expenditures, beginning: $0.00

Excess of receipts over expenditures / cash in bank, end: $12,406.33

See accompanying notes

Notes to financial statements:

September 30

1. Accounting policies

a) Nature of the business
LEAD Saskatoon Futures Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, established to foster informed voter participation in the civic government of the City of Saskatoon.

b) Cash basis accounting
The Company accounts for revenues and expenditures on the cash basis of accounting. Revenues are recorded in the period of receipt and expenditures are recorded in the period they are made.

The company does not have any material assets other than the cash in the bank account.

c) Comparative numbers are not provided since this is the first fiscal period of operations for the company.


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