Friday, March 07, 2008

Sask. Party contributors appointed to Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Board, Workers' Compensation Board and Labour Relations Board

The Saskatchewan Party government is continuing the parade of appointing its contributors to top posts.

In a series of March 7, 2008, news releases the government appointed Ken Love, Q.C. of Regina as the new Chair of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board, David Eberle of Humboldt as the new Workers’ Compensation Board Chair, Wes Becker of Regina as the new Chair of the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Board of Directors and Warren Sproule as the new Chair of the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) Board of Directors.

This follows the Feb. 29 announcement when contributors Gavin Semple and E. Craig Lothian were appointed to the Enterprise Saskatchewan Board of Directors.

According to the Saskatchewan Party’s fiscal period returns filed with Elections Saskatchewan, Ken Love contributed $469.23 to the party in 2004 and $949.50 in 2003.

Love is a partner in the MacLean Keith law firm which contributed $1,652.48 in 2003.

Lawyer David Eberle appears to have contributed $1,350.00 in 2006, $1,395.00 in 2005 and $675.00 in 2003.

Eberle was once a member of the Saskatchewan Party’s nine-person management committee. [Schmidt accused of seeking patronage (Leader-Post, Mar. 11, 2003)]

Wes Becker recently retired after a 41 year career with CIBC, of which the last 34 years were spent in Regina. It appears he contributed $575.10 in 2006, $480.00 in 2005 and $400.00 in 2004.

Warren Sproule has practiced law in Regina since 1982 and is currently a managing partner in the Regina law firm Kanuka Thuringer LLP, where he specializes in corporate-commercial law. While Sproule does not appear to have contributed to the Saskatchewan Party the law firm he works for did: $2,310.71 in 2006, $1,663.36 in 2005, $4,114.96 in 2004 and a whopping $12,606.88 in 2003 for a grand total of $20,695.91. (The firm contributed $1,000.00 and $1,848.00 to the NDP in 2004 and 2005 respectively.)


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