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Enterprise Saskatchewan: Ministry sends over 55 organizations more than one invitation; SUN, SUMA, SARM, NSBA, STEP omitted

A January 4, 2008, Saskatchewan Party government news release stated that ministry officials with Saskatchewan Enterprise and Innovation sent out over 300 invitations to Saskatchewan organizations inviting them to put forward nominees to the Board of Enterprise Saskatchewan.

Invitations were reportedly sent to business, labour, aboriginal, agricultural, municipal government, post-secondary institutions and economic stakeholders.

The news release said further that: “The Board will be driven by the main sectors of our economy and tasked with identifying barriers to growth, and developing economic goals and targets for the province.”

“We also want to ensure stakeholders have an opportunity to nominate an individual to the Board, as well as ensure we have a transparent, open and accountable process in place,” [Enterprise and Innovation Minister Lyle] Stewart said.

The closing date for nominations is January 31, 2008. Organizations must receive an invitation in order to submit a nomination.

What Stewart didn’t explain is why more than 50 organizations received two invitations and whether that means they will be allowed to submit more than one nomination.

At present the Saskatchewan Party government’s nomination process does not seem fair. Many organizations received just one invitation while many have been excluded outright with no apparent opportunity to appeal.

Of the 303 invitations sent out by the ministry 56 went to 28 Regional Economic Development Authorities (REDA) and two went to both the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association and Western Economic Diversification. Why the federal government is involved is a bit of a mystery and a reasonable question to ask.

The ministry news release said that municipal governments were sent invitations but none seem to be named on the list. Also absent are the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM).

It appears at least 95 invitations, nearly one third of all those sent, went to aboriginal organizations.

Various Chambers of Commerce were sent 14 invitations with two of those going to the provincial office. While the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) received one the North Saskatoon Business Association (NSBA) and Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) did not.

Outdistanced by business, industry and economic development authorities was organized labour who received approximately 29 invitations. It appears that the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) was omitted.

Post secondary institutions received about 11 invitations while agricultural groups got 23. Co-operatives were sent 4, Forestry 3, Arts & Culture 7 and Tourism 1.

Financial institutions such as the Canadian Bankers Association and SaskCentral each received two invitations.

Numerous professional associations, industry groups and other economic stakeholders appear to make up the balance of those sent invitations.

According to the list supplied by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation those organizations sent more than one invitation include: Ag-West Bio, AMC – Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Canadian Bankers Association, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Light Source, Communications, Energy & Paper Workers’ Union, Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan, Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan, Farm Credit Canada, Federated Co-operatives Ltd., Grain Services Union, Saskatchewan Association of Architects, Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan Co-operative Association, Saskatchewan Economic Development Association, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Saskatchewan Forest Centre, Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science And Technology (SIAST), Saskatchewan Mining Association, Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association, Sheet Metal Workers, Western Diversification Canada, Western Farm Leadership Council, and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan.

Premier Brad Wall’s hometown of Swift Current certainly wasn’t forgotten. Action Swift Current and the Swift Current Chamber of Commerce along with the Southwest Centre for Entrepreneurial Development received invitations while the Southwest REDA where Wall once worked got two.

In Gov’t opens nominations for Enterprise Saskatchewan (StarPhoenix, Jan. 5, 2008) Enterprise and Innovation Minister Lyle Stewart said a government committee will whittle down the names put forward by various organizations after nominations close.

“We have a huge job ahead of us to get down from over 300 to 12,” said the Thunder Creek MLA.

However, two people on the 12-member board will come from the Sask. Party government, including Stewart and another cabinet minister.

Stewart said he and another minister, along with some deputy ministers, will be part of the committee that selects the final board members, but those details are still being finalized.

At this point the best guess is that the organizations not selected to be part of the Enterprise Saskatchewan board could form a pool from which participants in the “sector teams” would be selected.

Below are the organizations receiving an invitation that appear on the list supplied by Stewart’s ministry:

1. Action Swift Current, Chairperson

2. Action Committee on the Rural Economy, Chair

3. Agency Chiefs Tribal Council, A/Tribal Rep

4. Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, President

5. Agrivision Corporation, President

6. Ag-West Bio, President

7. Ag-West Bio, Vice President

8. Ahtahkakoop First Nation,

9. AMC – Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, President

10. AMC – Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, Manager of Member Services

11. Apprenticeship And Trade Certification Commission (ATCC), Chair

12. Assemblee Communautaire Fransaskoise, President

13. Association of Professional Community Planners of Saskatchewan (APCPS), Executive Director

14. Association of Professional Engineers And Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, President

15. Association of Saskatchewan Realtors, Executive Vice-President

16. Association of Saskatchewan Regional Colleges (ASRC), President

17. Bakery, Confectionary & Tobacco Workers' Int'l. Union,

18. Battleford’s Tribal Council, A/Tribal Rep

19. Battlefords Chamber of Commerce, President

20. Battlefords REDA, Chairperson

21. Battlefords REDA, General Manager

22. Beardy’s And Okemasis First Nation,

23. Big Bear Band,

24. Big Gully REDA, Chairperson

25. Big Gully REDA, Economic Development Officer

26. Big River First Nation,

27. Birch Narrows First Nation,

28. Black Lake First Nation,

29. Border REDA, Chairperson

30. Border REDA, Economic Development Officer

31. Buffalo River Dene First Nation,

32. Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), President

33. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, President

34. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), President

35. Canadian Bankers Association, Chair

36. Canadian Bankers Association, President & Chief Executive Officer

37. Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Vice-President

38. Canadian Labour Congress, Prairie Regional Director

39. Canadian Labour Congress Prairie Region, Director

40. Canadian Light Source, Chair

41. Canadian Light Source, Executive Director

42. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Vice President

43. Canadian Office & Professional Employees' Union, President

44. Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association,

45. Canoe Lake Cree First Nation,

46. Carlton Trail REDA, Chairperson

47. Carlton Trail REDA, Economic Development Officer

48. Carry The Kettle First Nation,

49. Certified General Accountants, Executive Director

50. Certified Management Accountants of Saskatchewan, Chief Executive Officer

51. Chacachas First Nation, (Delegated Spokesperson)

52. Chakastapaysin Band of The Cree Nation,

53. Clearwater River Dene First Nation,

54. Communications, Energy & Paper Workers' Union(CEP), Administrative Vice President

55. Communications, Energy & Paper Workers’ (CEP), Admin. Vice President

56. Communities of Tomorrow, President

57. Community Futures Partners of Saskatchewan, Executive Director

58. Conseil De La Cooperation De La Saskatchewan, President

59. Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan, Chair

60. Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan, Executive Director

61. Cornerstone REDA, Chairperson

62. Cornerstone REDA, Executive Director

63. Cote First Nation,

64. Council of Saskatchewan Forest Industries, President

65. Cowessess First Nation,

66. Cumberland House Cree Nation,

67. CUPE Sask. Division, President

68. Cypress Hills REDA, Vice-Chairperson

69. Cypress Hills REDA, General Manager

70. Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan Inc., President

71. Day Star First Nation,

72. Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), Principal

73. Dumont Technical Institute (DTI), Executive Director

74. Eastern Region I,

75. Eastern Region II, Director

76. Eastern Region IIa, Director

77. Eastern Region III, Director

78. English River First Nation,

79. Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan, Chief Executive Officer

80. Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan, Chair

81. Entrepreneurs 2000 REDA, Chairperson

82. Entrepreneurs 2000 REDA, Economic Development Officer

83. Estevan & District Chamber of Commerce, President

84. Etomami Valley REDA, Town Administrator

85. Etomami Valley REDA., Chairperson

86. Farm Credit Canada, President & Chief Executive Officer

87. Farm Credit Canada, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

88. Federated Co-operatives Ltd, President

89. Federated Co-operatives Ltd, Chief Executive Officer

90. Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations,

91. File Hills Qu’appelle Tribal Council/Treaty Four Territory, Tribal Rep

92. First Nations University of Canada, President

93. Fishing Lake First Nation,

94. Flying Dust First Nation,

95. Fond Du Lac First Nation,

96. Gateway REDA, Chairperson

97. Gateway REDA, Economic Development Officer

98. Good Spirit REDA, Chairperson

99. Good Spirit REDA, General Manager

100. Gordon First Nation,

101. Grain Services Union, General Secretary

102. Grain Services Union, President

103. Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, Chairman

104. Hatchet Lake Denesuline Nation,

105. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan, Chief Executive Officer

106. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Business Manager & F.S.

107. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Bus. Mgr. Local 2038

108. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,

109. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Business Manager

110. International Union of Painters And Allied Trades, Business Manager–Local 739

111. International Union of Painters And Allied Trades, Business Manager–Local 740

112. Ironworkers ,

113. Island Lake First Nation,

114. James Smith Cree Nation,

115. Joseph Bighead First Nation,

116. Kahkewistahaw First Nation,

117. Kawacatoose First Nation,

118. Keeseekoose First Nation,

119. Kinistin Saulteaux Nation,

120. Lac La Ronge Indian Band,

121. Little Black Bear First Nation,

122. Little Pine First Nation,

123. Long Lake REDA, Chairperson

124. Long Lake REDA, Economic Development Officer

125. Lucky Man Cree Nation,

126. Mainline REDA, Chairperson

127. Mainline REDA, General Manager

128. Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation,

129. Meadow Lake Tribal Council,

130. Melfort & District Chamber of Commerce, President

131. Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, President

132. Mid Sask REDA, Chairperson

133. Mid Sask REDA, General Manager

134. Midwest REDA, Chairperson

135. Midwest REDA, Economic Development Officer

136. Millwrights,

137. Mistawasis First Nation,

138. Montreal Lake First Nation,

139. Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce, President

140. Moose Jaw REDA, Chairperson

141. Moose Jaw REDA, Director - Economic Development

142. Moosomin First Nation,

143. Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head, Lean Man First Nation,

144. Muscowpetung First Nation,

145. Muskeg Lake Cree Nation,

146. Muskoday First Nation,

147. Muskowekwan First Nation,

148. National Farmers Union, President

149. Neekaneet First Nation,

150. Nipawin And District Chamber of Commerce, President

151. North East REDA, Chairperson

152. North East REDA, Administrative Coordinator

153. Northern Region I, Director

154. Northern Region II, Director

155. Northern Region III, Director

156. Northwest REDA, Vice-Chairperson

157. Northwest REDA, Economic Development Officer

158. Ocean Man Fist Nation,

159. Ochapowace First Nation,

160. Okanese First Nation,

161. One Arrow First Nation,

162. Onion Lake First Nation,

163. Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, President

164. Pasqua First Nation,

165. Peepeekisis First Nation,

166. Pelican Lake First Nation,

167. Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation,

168. Peter Chapman First Nation,

169. Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Chairman, Board Of Directors

170. Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation,

171. Piapot First Nation,

172. Poundmaker First Nation,

173. Prairie To Pine REDA, Chairperson

174. Prairie To Pine REDA, Secretary

175. Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce, Chairman

176. Prince Albert Grand Council,

177. Prince Albert REDA, Chairperson

178. Prince Albert REDA, Executive Director

179. Red Coat REDA, Chairperson

180. Red Coat REDA, Chairperson

181. Regina & District Chamber of Commerce, President

182. Regina & Region Home Builders Association, President

183. Regina REDA, Chairperson

184. Regina REDA, President And Chief Executive Officer

185. Retail Wholesale & Department Store Union, Secretary-Treasurer

186. Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association of Saskatchewan, Chairman

187. S/E Treaty #4 Tribal Council,

188. Sakimay First Nations,

189. Sask Pork, Chair

190. Sask Works Venture Fund Inc., Chief Operating Officer

191. Sask/Provincial Building Trades, Business Manager

192. Saskatchewan Aerospace And Defence Industry, President

193. Saskatchewan Arts Alliance,

194. Saskatchewan Association of Architects, President

195. Saskatchewan Association of Architects, Executive Director

196. Saskatchewan Association of Career Colleges,

197. Saskatchewan Canola Growers Association, President

198. Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association, President

199. Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association, General Manager

200. Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, President

201. Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, President

202. Saskatchewan Co-operative Association, President

203. Saskatchewan Co-operative Association, Executive Director

204. Saskatchewan Craft Council, Chair

205. Saskatchewan Cultural Industries Development Council,

206. Saskatchewan Economic Development Association, President

207. Saskatchewan Economic Development Association, Executive Director

208. Saskatchewan Environmental Industry And Managers Association

209. Saskatchewan Environmental Society, President

210. Saskatchewan Federation of Labour , President

211. Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Chairman

212. Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Executive Director

213. Saskatchewan Food Processors Association, Coo

214. Saskatchewan Forest Centre, Chair

215. Saskatchewan Forest Centre, Chief Executive Officer

216. Saskatchewan Government Employees’ Union, President

217. Saskatchewan Home Builders Association, Inc., President

218. Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), President

219. Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), Chair

220. Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, President

221. Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, Executive Director

222. Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science And Technology (SIAST), President & Chief Executive Officer

223. Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science And Technology (SIAST), Chair

224. Saskatchewan Livestock Association, President

225. Saskatchewan Mining Association, President

226. Saskatchewan Mining Association Inc., Executive Director

227. Saskatchewan Potash Producers Association (SPPA), Executive Director

228. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Chair

229. Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association, President

230. Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association, Executive Director

231. Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, President

232. Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, President

233. Saskatchewan Trucking Association, President

234. Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association, President

235. Saskatoon REDA, Chairperson

236. Saskatoon REDA, Chief Executive Officer

237. Saskatoon Tribal Council,

238. Saskcentral, Chief Executive Officer

239. Saskcentral, President

240. SaskCulture Inc., President

241. Saulteaux First Nation,

242. Service Employees International Union (SEIU), President

243. Sheet Metal Workers,

244. Sheet Metal Workers,

245. Sheet Metal Workers,

246. Shoal Lake Cree Nation,

247. Small Explorers And Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC), Executive Director

248. South East REDA, Chairperson

249. South East REDA, Manager

250. South Parkland REDA, Chairperson

251. South Parkland REDA, Economic Development Officer

252. Southwest Centre For Entrepreneurial Development, Manager

253. Southwest REDA, Chairperson

254. Southwest REDA, General Manager

255. Standing Buffalo First Nation,

256. Star Blanket Cree Nation,

257. Sturgeon Lake First Nation,

258. Sweetgrass First Nation,

259. Swift Current Chamber of Commerce, President

260. Teamsters Canada Rail Conference,

261. The Key First Nation,

262. Thunderchild First Nation,

263. Tisdale & District Chamber of Commerce, President

264. Touchwood Agency Tribal Council, Director of Operations

265. Touchwood Hills REDA, Chairperson

266. Touchwood Hills REDA, Chairperson

267. Tourism Saskatchewan, Chief Executive Officer And President

268. TRLabs, Chair

269. TRLabs, President And Chief Executive Officer

270. United Ass’t of Plumbers & Pipefitters, Bus. Mgr Local 179

271. United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW), President

272. United Steelworkers (USW), Area Co-Ordinator

273. University of Regina, President And Vice-Chancellor

274. University of Saskatchewan, President

275. Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), Chief Executive Officer

276. Wahpeton Dakota Nation,

277. Waterhen Lake First Nation,

278. West Central REDA, Chairperson

279. West Central REDA, Economic Development Officer

280. Western Barley Growers Association, President

281. Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, President

282. Western Economic Diversification, A/Assistant Deputy Minister

283. Western Economic Diversification, A/Director General

284. Western Farm Leadership Council, Executive Director

285. Western Farm Leadership Council, Chair

286. Western Region I, Director

287. Western Region II, Director

288. Western Region IIa, Director

289. Western Region III, Director

290. Western Region III, Director

291. Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, President

292. White Bear First Nation,

293. Whitecap Dakota First Nation,

294. Witchekan Lake First Nation,

295. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, Chair

296. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, Executive Director

297. Wood Mountain First Nation,

298. Yellow Quill First Nation,

299. Yellowhead REDA, Chairperson

300. Yellowhead REDA, A/General Manager

301. Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, President

302. Yorkton Tribal Council,

303. Young Chippewayan First Nation,


At 5:08 PM, Blogger berlynn said...

So women are guaranteed a grand total of two nominations. Big fucking w00t! What about the transition houses and safe shelters? What about the YWCAs? What about the Business and Professional Women? What about the rural women's organizations? Hell, even the Ladies Aid societies of the churches know a thing or two about what they need in terms of economics in their communities!

This pisses me off BIG TIME!!!

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Buflobill said...

Closed door meetings by unelected "stakeholders" is no substitution for openly debated policy. Canada chose responsible government a century ago. What is this supposed to be?


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