Monday, March 19, 2007

A promise made, a promise broken -- twice; Conservative Harper government breaks promises to Saskatchewan

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper
and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

The Conservative Harper government broke two promises to Saskatchewan in today's federal budget delivered by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

1) The Conservative Harper government said that it would "ensure" non-renewable natural resource revenue would be "removed from the equalization formula." Today's budget proposes two formulas: 50% or 100% exclusion -- but put a cap on equalization. Promise broken.

2) The Conservative Harper government said if Saskatchewan were allowed to keep %100 of its non-renewable natural resources it would mean an estimated $800-million yearly, perhaps even more. Today's federal budget proposes just $226-million this year and zero next year. That's $574-million short. Promise broken.

Saskatoon has four federal Conservative MPs in Ottawa: Carol Skelton, Brad Trost, Lynne Yelich and Maurice Vellacott.

Perhaps it's time Saskatoon had four less federal Conservative MPs in Ottawa.


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