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The StarPhoenix centennial funding reader poll results - December 24, 2005

[Note: The following reader poll results appeared on The StarPhoenix website for approximately two days (Dec. 24 & 25, 2005) and were then removed. They were never published nor discussed in the print edition. No reason has ever been given why.]

Reader poll: taking stock of centennial cash

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Readers had their say on which of these 18 projects is most worthy of a share of Saskatoon's centennial money. Here are the results of our reader poll:

Prairieland Park expansion (42 votes)
Mendel Art Gallery expansion (81 votes)
Hindu Society auditorium (17 votes)
Saskatoon Soccer Centre northeast (27017 votes)
Persephone Theatre's new facility (85 votes)
Motorsports park (41127 votes) (TOP VOTES)
Zoo expansion (626 votes)
Victoria Bridge work (219 votes)
Riverfront Park (92 votes)
Meewasin Valley Authority centre (19 votes)
Children’s Discovery Museum (32 votes)
20 Above Holdings arts/cultural centre (207 votes)
Western Development Museum upgrades (267 votes)
Wanuskewin Heritage Park renovations and multicultural centre (22 votes)
New YMCA in northeast (402 votes)
Station 20 West community enterprise centre (146 votes)
Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company project (24 votes)
Indian Cultural Centre keeping house (5 votes)

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